The Worst is Yet to Come…the Dental Apocalypse…Are You Prepared?

Warning! This message and article is not for the faint of heart. Only the bravest should press on. If you’d rather remain unaware and comfortable, go no further.

I cozied up to Dr. Kris Held, M.D., a San Antonio, TX ophthalmologist back in 2010. We’re good friends now.

Obamacare was being rammed down our throats by a conniving and corrupt administration. and complicit politicians on both sides of the aisle.

And our Constitution withered a little more.

“Keep government out of our doctor-patient relationships!”

Dr. Held has delivered a few bloody noses as an advocate for private health care.

You can read her full article by clicking the link below.

Here’s what I believe…

Stumbling or Crumbling – What Does The Future Hold?

I don’t pretend to have a magic crystal ball.

But I do know how to look for trends… what I see doesn’t look very good for today’s healthcare professional – your window of time-opportunity is streaking to a close.

Dentists and other affiliated health professionals have been considered the “step-children” of the medical industry.

“Not as special.” We used to secretly take offense to that.

Today, I know most of you are sighing with relief that you avoided the once-noble MD designation.

But don’t feel too smug…the horse is out of the barn…way out of the barn.

We will all be affected more than ever by the fast track to socialism/communism that our political leaders are embracing.

ALERT!! Obamacare(ACA) is not only for general medicine and hospitals!

The goal is single-payor (government-controlled) access. That means no more third-party insurance companies.

The government becomes THE gatekeeper and you will become a (defacto) government employee with all of the rules, regulation and bureaucracy.

…unless you have a Plan B!

Physicians have already sold out – it’s over. Most are now W2 employees working for major hospital corporations and constrained by non-physicians telling them how to treat patients and what their compensation will be.

The government isn’t finished…not by a long shot.

The long-tail effects of Obamacare are yet to be seen – and won’t be fully appreciated (or demonized) until long after Barack Obama is out of office.

Final Consideration:

Our nation (thanks to our out-of-control government spending) is nearing $20 trillion in debt.

That piper will have to be paid. YOU and I are the targets.

In other words, your government-controlled wages will be determined for you – tough luck – no negotiations (tip: this doesn’t have to be you, keep reading).

From Dr. Kris Held:

“I read the entire ACA in 2010, every word of MACRA last year, and the 962 pages of proposed MACRA rules over the last few weeks. The proposed rules are clearly Obama and Co.’s “Hail Mary” to get socialized medicine over the goal line (while we are distracted by a proxy issue of where people should urinate and defecate).”

You can read the full extent of Dr. Held’s position here:

Well done. Only the Bravest Souls made it this far. What now?

I might owe you an apology. If you choose inaction now, you won’t be able to claim ignorance when the walls come tumbling down… ignorance is bliss.

Regret can be your own personal hell – ask me how I know…

Here’s What Else I Know:

I know you are concerned about the future security and freedom for you and your family, I was too.

I know only 3% of people are seekers (and therefore finders).

Only the most committed and courageous make it this far.

And here we are. Feels good, doesn’t it?

I know you won’t choose inaction.

START creating a Plan B today.

…yesterday would have been better. Tomorrow will be worse, maybe too late.

(Today, go to and find out how dentists, chiropractors, veterinarians and optometrists are creating their Personal Plan B.)

The Rain Is Coming. Time to build something solid.

Here’s to choosing…(while we still can)

David Phelps

P.S. Fun Fact: Freedom Founders is the only mastermind community of its kind.

We’re not about maintaining or trying to resurrect old formulas of practice management or traditional financial wealth building models – why?

Because they don’t work…at all. Period.

P.P.S. Today is the day.

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