Rant – You’re Not Smart Enough to Figure it All Out By Yourself

I’ve got a bit of a rant today…
Getting through the stages of formal education, into practice, and
excelling at the craft in which you’ve trained is a great achievement.

My professional dentistry colleagues are very smart and gifted in a specific swim lane. 

But here is what I have a problem with:

They think they’re smart enough to figure out everything else in life – like business, marketing, leadership, operations, investing, etc.

Look, you’re all incredibly smart – way above the general population in certain areas. 

But you don’t know what you don’t know.

There are things I absolutely don’t know. 

I don’t pretend to know about them or try to figure them out on my own – I get help.

I invest in people who have a track record and who have already been down the path.

I see too many people thinking that they’re smart enough to figure it out for themselves and then tripping up. 

They keep going from high to low financially and can’t figure out how to slow down and transition out

You’re on a path, working hard, and I know you’re smart

But falling back on old constructs that just don’t work, or trying to figure out everything yourself? 

You don’t have time for that!

Get focused on what you do well. 

Get help from other people who have created the paths to where you want to go. 

Collaboration is the key to everything in life. 

Live by that.

To your freedom!


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