Focus on Cashflow

We all know cash flow is the oxygen for your business – but it’s also the oxygen for your “retirement”.

To get off the active treadmill of trading time for dollars, cash flow is king.

And yet, the traditional financial models that everyone seems to keep following are not based on this.

Instead, they’re based on accumulation – stacking up as much as you can in Wall Street.

The problem is, accumulation doesn’t convert automatically to cash flow.

When you’re ready to cash out and retire, what do financial advisors tell you to do?

“We’re going to take your money out of the stock market, because that’s risky (even though we’ve told you to keep your money there for decades) and put it into conservative investments like bonds, treasury bills, and CDs.”

For people who follow that path during their career, they feel really good when the market is going up – but when the market resets, it takes a minimum of 4-5 years to make up the lost ground.

If you lose half a decade multiple times during your life, where does that leave you at the end?

Certainly not with enough to make those “conservative investments” viable!

In fact, when people get to the end, sometimes all they have left is what they contributed in the first place

And if they didn’t contribute enough, they can’t get off the hamster wheel.

That’s why the average retirement age of those in dentistry has gone up to almost 70 years – from 65 to 68.9 years – in the last decade.

70 is too old to still be doing dentistry – it’s hard, back-breaking work

You’ve got to be able to transition out of doing active labor much earlier in life.

You can still have the option of practicing if you love it, but it shouldn’t be because you have to.

You’ve got to get out of the accumulation model and into cash flow. How?

Alternative investments.

What are alternative investments? 

Capital assets. 

Businesses are one form of capital asset, but when you’re ready to retire and move on to passive income, Real Estate is the best – no question. 

If you want to get off the treadmill faster, and not play the accumulation game where you need to stack up millions and millions of dollars… 

If you want to do it with much less, but with the certainty, sustainability, and predictability of cash flow… you’ve gotta do it in Real Estate. 

Jump in and follow us. That’s what we do really, really well here.

We’re getting our colleagues off that treadmill in 3-5 years, some in 2 years or less. 

If you’re still playing the accumulation game, open the door and be receptive to new ideas. 

It’s a game changer.

To your freedom!


P.S. I’m looking for 5-7 dentists who are ready to take action now. If that’s you, email and put “Freedom” in the subject line.

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