The Art of Collaboration

Picture of by Dr David Phelps

by Dr David Phelps


false premise many of us learned growing up, and carry with us our whole life,

  is that to have more we have to do more.

But really, to have more we have to become more. And to do that, we must learn how to become better collaborators.

When we were growing up, it was all on us to do the work, make the grades, graduate, get the license. But real life is all about mutually beneficial collaboration. When you have synergy with others, the sum of the whole becomes far greater than the one person by far.

It takes some effort to do this – you have to determine your strengths and skillsets, and then find the right people to help you optimize those strengths as you help them optimize theirs. This fills in our weaknesses. I know we’re taught growing up that we have to do everything ourselves, but that has a very limited ceiling – I learned the hard way that you can only get so far by doing that. I was always that rugged individualist who didn’t even like playing team sports because I wanted to control everything. 

Finding the right people, doing due diligence, aligning expectations, and setting up structures are the keys which most of us never learned how to use. So if the first time we enter a joint venture with somebody, and we don’t use those keys and it doesn’t work out…we quit and never try again?

Wrong. We just need to learn to do it better. 

This is a journey we’re all on together. I have not figured everything out – in fact, I’m always learning, always evolving, and always putting myself in a place where I'm being challenged by other people. I don't want to ever be the smartest one in the room. I want to be humble and bring whatever strengths I can to the group.

This is why I love really good, well-facilitated mastermind groups like what we have in Freedom Founders. (And I practice what I preach – I’m a member of multiple masterminds!) If you’re out there searching, looking for a way to be a better person and make a bigger impact, you might want to check us out.

I promise you will find a caliber of people unlike any you’ve seen before.

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