The Call for a Plan B

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by Dr David Phelps

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ost of us have been brought up with the American dream: Get education, work hard, have integrity, cultivate the skills to provide for yourself or family…

 That mantra is all about freedom, right? Wrong.

Look at what happened: We had a pandemic shut down our $22 trillion U.S. economy almost overnight. And for a while people who depended upon going to their jobs, businesses, or practices were being told that they couldn’t go to work. Then the government tried to stave off the crisis by flooding the employers and employees with enough stimulus money to get them through the gap period and back on their feet.

It’s unusual and unprecedented, but here’s what isn’t: the fact that we focus all of our efforts on earning income to pay for our current lifestyle, bills, and overhead – and we put off creating alternative revenue streams and creating what I call “future equity bank.”

Some people will ask: Well, isn’t the 401(k) I set up with my CPA my retirement plan?

Here’s the problem with that. Number one, you have no control over it; the money’s locked up until you’re 59 ½. And it’s in the stock market in some way or another, so it takes a hit every time we have a reset. These up/down cycles are nothing new – we’ve had 33 of them since 1834, the first year we started documenting them.

So what are you going to do about it? 

You can’t keep picking up the pieces after each reset and shelling hard for another 5-8 years just to get back to even again. That’s not a plan. Having a Plan B – multiple streams of income – is the number one thing that will get you through these gaps.

In Freedom Founders, we invest in alternative investments, where people are paying for the use of our assets, such as rental property and self-storage. Our members who have followed the path over the last half-dozen years are in good positions now. They’re weathering the storm and will come out strong.

And here’s the other side: in the recession, there’ll be huge opportunities. Once we hit near the bottom, we’ll know when to start buying again. Those of us who are positioned well, solve problems by buying those assets at whatever market prices are, and ride those back up again. That’s where your wealth can double or triple sometimes.

The traditional stock market-based models will take you nowhere. You need to orchestrate your financial future, and you need a community – a tribe of people who are on the same path.

The road less traveled will take you there, but it takes a bit of a contrarian mindset. You can’t think like everyone else. Follow the path of people who’ve actually done it. I’ve gone through this and created the Plan B – and I’ve done it for many, many others.

I encourage you to take the risk-free first step, get on the phone with one of our advisors, and see if there’s a good fit. If there is, you’ll have a chance to speak with me directly. 

These opportunities in the down market don’t present themselves very many times in one’s lifetime. If you’re 60 or older, this may be your last shot –

so do it the right way now, or forever hold your peace.
To your freedom!

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