What Are You Doing to Stay Uncomfortable?

Are you doing enough to make yourself uncomfortable?

That sounds like a dumb question, right? Isn’t a comfortable life the goal we all strive for?

Hear me out, though. This is actually one of the most important questions you can ask yourself every day.

We all work hard to build financial security and a lifestyle that feels “comfortable” because that’s what we believe we are supposed to be doing.

We get through school, pay off our debts, start families, careers and businesses…

Some of us get there faster than others, and most of us struggle along the way.

But the goal is to reach that “comfortable” sweet spot, and it’ll be smooth sailing to maintain it from there.

Or will it?

Of course, it is human nature to seek out the easiest path to any goal.

But the biggest problem with becoming comfortable is how easy it becomes to slip into stagnation and complacency.

You certainly don’t have to charge through life at 100 miles per hour all the time.

But don’t allow yourself to settle into complacency once you’ve achieved your initial goals.

Our world is changing constantly, and faster than ever before.

If you are still operating your business the same way you did a couple of years ago, then you’re already behind.

Technology is also perpetually and rapidly evolving – as are the needs and expectations of consumers. Keeping up with these changes can make or break your business.

Look at how many smaller retailers have failed in the shadow of Amazon.

Businesses that have failed to provide the right services and customer experience for their local consumers’ changing needs are losing out to Amazon – because Amazon is consistent, quick, convenient, and has great customer service.

To remain focused, alert, and better positioned to take on massive changes (in life or in business), you need to stay uncomfortable!

So what is the best way to keep yourself uncomfortable?

Surround yourself with people who inspire and encourage you to stay out of your comfort zone.

Seek out mastermind groups or other communities of like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, etc…

Surround yourself with drivers – the people who make a point of regularly trekking into uncomfortable territory and are unwilling to let themselves get lazy.

These people are always looking down the long road with their future vision in mind.

If you’re consistently keeping tabs on what’s coming down the road, you will be better able to deal with challenges and upheaval.

But you really can’t do it alone.

Being around like-minded people is going to make a huge difference in keeping your motivation and future-focused mindset alive and well every day.

So get out there, and make yourself a little uncomfortable!

To your freedom!

– David

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