What Is Wealth?

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by Dr David Phelps


y question for you today is: What is wealth?

 How do we create it? How do we maintain it?

First of all, what is real wealth? I think wealth is when you have capital that you’ve invested into other assets that then produce relatively sustainable cash flow and income on a passive basis.

Wealth isn’t just having a pile of money or equities in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or even Real Estate – because if it’s not producing the cash flow, then what do you really have?

Real wealth gives you freedom and options. It produces enough cash flow that you don’t have to work trading time for dollars to sustain your lifestyle and provide security for your family. 

Then you’re truly free. And when you get to that point, everything expands – particularly your time, peace of mind, and ability to be more than you are when you’re working hard in your career.

An investment should be something that’s going to produce regular cash flow income. Trying to time the market with an asset like a stock, that’s transactional income. That’s not an investment. It’s a business, or speculation, and that’s fine if that’s the game you want to play. But there’s no actual passivity to it. You’ve got to be in the game all the time.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but keep the difference straight. So many times I see younger people getting caught up in the euphoria of an irrationally exuberant marketplace and believing they can trade stocks and commodities like a Wolf of Wall Street and make quick profits. In my view, that’s gambling. A true  investment is totally different from speculation or trading (i.e Wall Street). And wealth is not some pile of money – real wealth is created by cash flow producing assets that give you the Freedom to live life on your own terms.

You’re probably doing pretty darn well with the business of your business. But if you’re not working on the business of your money, abdicating your wealth construction to Wall Street instead of learning how to create real wealth,… 

...then you’re playing the wrong game.

To your freedom!

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