"What's Your Next?" Book Launch

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by Dr David Phelps


ell, it’s out – the official launch of my new book “What’s Your Next?” was yesterday!

 We had over 2,000 pre-orders, and I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported our mission here.

The whole reason I wrote this book was as a compilation of things that I have learned in my life. The pathways, the setbacks, and the road I had to travel to get to my next – things I couldn’t have imagined back in the day when I first started my career in dentistry. I thought dentistry would be my life-stream and then I would get to retirement, but that wasn’t the case at all. The disruption, the chaos, and the adversity is what propelled me to my next though.

This is a multigenerational book that speaks to all ages and seasons. Whether you're just starting out and excited about the future, but you’re running into roadblocks with the economy and school debt; or you’re mid-career with a family and you’re feeling a lot of constriction, but want to move forward and change your model; or you’re close to the end and want to enjoy the fruits of your labor and make a move away from what you’ve been doing, but still be significant – wherever you’re at, this book can be impactful to you.

There’s many things I’ve learned, not just through my own path, but also through helping others in Freedom Founders. The passion I have developed and part of my Next is: “How do I impact more people? How do I share Freedom with them? I believe this book will allow me to do that, and that’s what I want you and the people in your life to have:  that bigger purpose. A mission.

But how can you get to that – your purpose, your next – if you feel like you are still stuck behind the eight ball? You’re trying to put out fires and navigate the turbulence of life, and you’re left thinking “How do I deal with all of this?”

That’s what this book is about. Find your next, don’t let your life become stagnant, and always stay moving forward. Realize that temporary failures are just that – temporary setbacks setting you up for the next thing, which is always going to be better than what you initially had.

Enjoy the book, and thank you for your support!

To your Freedom,

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