Why I’m Against the 401(k)

When I tell doctors, dentists, or anyone in the medical field that they should not invest in a 401(k), defined benefit plan, or cash balance plan, their eyes glaze over.

The response I get is “How can you say that? That’s the first thing we’re told to do!”

But who tells them this?

The financial markets and Wall Street.

Of course they want you to tie up your money in their frameworks!

Once you do, your money is in prison until you’re 59½.

If you take it out earlier, you’re stuck with a penalty and the taxes on it.

What about the tax deferral and the power of compounding?

Those are great things and I encourage you to put your money to work and defer taxes (or go tax-free if you can).

But I don’t like doing them in a construct where a third party manages and invests your money for you – usually on Wall Street.

They want you to stack up your money and play Wall Street’s casino game for 30 or 40 years.

Of course, there’s no way to tell when Wall Street will hit rock bottom again.

So when you’re ready to retire, the financial advisers will tell you to take your money out and put it in conservative investments (with paltry returns) like CDs, T-bills, or bonds.

Is that really how you want to do it?

If you have the desire to actually live a life of freedom and get ahead of the taxation/inflation game, you’ve got to get your money working for you – and you can’t do that on Wall Street.

There are many other ways to get tax preferences and mitigation – without putting it in those constructs. 

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To your freedom!


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