The Worst Number In Business Is 1

The Worst Number in Business is 1

The worst number in business is the number 1.


If you are reliant on any one thing… one key person, one key client, one key medium or media, one key system, etc., then you are leaving yourself susceptible to things blowing up.



There is an example of this in the real estate arena.

Many real estate professionals, who do a lot of heavy lifting in the real estate arena, use one particular CRM platform.

CRM means a customer relations management program, and the way it works is that it manages lead flow, automation, and other things that make a business run better.

One day, this particular CRM decided they needed to take 24 hours off, in order to upgrade their platform.

They did this during the middle of the day, on a tuesday, with no prior warning.

When the CRM platform was being upgraded, the businesses relying on it completely shut down, and complaints started rolling in.

These real estate professionals sacrificed their expensive lead generation marketing campaigns due to the upgrade.

The number one system they all had was this CRM platform, and it shut down.

Business completely stopped, and leads could not get through. This is why relying on one key system does not work.

You don’t want to ever rely on one key anything for your business

You have to have a backup system set in place.

Always have a Plan B.

Even if you have to work harder, you can get by on Plan B, if and when Plan A fails.

Don’t be dependent on one key element, system, or person to manage your business.

If you do, you will be setting yourself up for failure.

Develop your Plan B, and be prepared.


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