Your Opportunity Cost

What is opportunity cost?

It’s when you decide to take on one particular career, project, investment, profession, etc. It’s something you want to focus on for a while (or indefinitely.)

Whatever it is, there’s an opportunity cost – because the focus and resources spent on that one thing will inherently take away from something else.

We can’t do everything in life, so there’s always an opportunity cost involved.

We have to balance and decide to the best of our ability where to put our focus, our time, and our capital.

And doing this in a vacuum (by yourself) is not the smartest thing to do. You need to get feedback from a number of people – not just one.

Private practice is a traditional and respected profession, but there is always an opportunity cost involved.

New doctors and dentists are starting with a huge debt load today, which is a problem.

And these days, it’s difficult for the solo practitioner to get a leg up.

It’s an entirely different world compared to when I came out of dental school. If I had to do it again today, I’m not sure I would.

Different times call for different solutions, different answers, and different questions.

You have to be smart about it and get the right help and coaching – and you need to develop a Plan B.

We can’t do it all ourselves.

My Plan B was real estate. I built up my Plan B, and this allowed me to leave my practice early to spend time with my daughter during her health crisis.

That was the most important thing to me.

You have to start with intentionality, and you need to get the right help in order to do this.

I would think twice about going down the traditional path, and taking on a huge debt load.

Owning a business is different from working in it. Most real business owners don’t do both.

And they usually aren’t actually working in the business.

We don’t have the training to be both the technician and the business owner.

Trying to do both today is a huge opportunity cost.

Taking another path, like staying independent contractors or associates and building

your plan B, will really allow you to have more time.

You don’t have to follow the path of the majority because the majority is usually wrong.

Where do you get the right advice and perspective to do all of this?

You get it from a Mastermind Group, where there are all types of people who understand business, real estate, practice, marketing, etc.

I’m actually in five different ones.

And you can do it in a weekend if you get in the right group.

Freedom Founders gives people the advice they need in order to move forward with their Plan B, and we help each other answer the questions like, “Do I stay on the current path?”, “Do I build a Plan B?”, and “How do I do it?”

The right Mastermind Group can give you the feedback and guidance you need in order to mitigate risk, and weigh the costs of doing “this or that.”

Put your investment where it counts the most: in you and the people you surround yourself with.

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To your freedom,

– David

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