Your Perfect Storm, Real Estate Investing

A lot of dentists and docs send questions to me about how we approach real estate investing at Freedom Founders.

Many are asking, “David, is this still a good time to invest?”

My answer is “YES” – and here's why:

Regulation in the real estate and credit finance markets has greatly reduced the number of homeowners in the U.S. – we've dropped from almost 70% home ownership in 2007 to just over 60% today. That's a huge decline.

(There's a link at the bottom to a RealtyTrac article that will bear what I'm telling you.)

While interest rates are at an all time low, the underwriting criteria to obtain those loans is at an all-time high – meaning that fewer can buy homes today.

That leaves a HUGE VOID – and who better to fill it than entrepreneurial-minded real estate investors?

Every time the government passes a new law or regulation stifling some aspect of commerce, we turn left and look for the opportunity just created. It's a game of cat and mouse. We can move faster, IF we're connected to the movers and shakers in the market.

And that's Freedom Founders – your “Connection to Freedom.” 

You made the choice to get connected when you became a member. Smart.

That's a choice only 3% will make…

Stay smart and stay connected by being present on every call and at every mastermind.

Beware of complacency… (easy at first, harsh and unforgiving in the end)

I'm with you. You've got this. Freedom, here we come.


P.S. Here's the link to the RealtyTrac article if you're interested in learning more.

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