Freedom Founders Mastermind Recap February 2016 – Part 2

Q&A With Expert Panels, FREE SPECIAL

Mastermind Recap, Part Two is available! (Click here for access to Part One)

If Part One of our Mastermind Recap left you wanting more, here’s your chance at another glimpse behind the curtain at the Freedom Founders Mastermind session.

In Part Two we feature live Q&A with expert panels.

Get answers to questions like:

Is there any kind of boilerplate contract/compensation package, hiring/vetting process for associates?


I own 50% of an office building which is held in an LLC. How should I handle that transaction as part of a potential practice transition?


What are the best real estate investments for a worsening economy?

See the answers in minutes. Go to this link for quick access:
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Normally MEMBER ONLY content – this is your chance to peek inside!

To your freedom,

Dr. David Phelps

P.S. Learn key takeaways and resources shared at our last event. Click now!

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