I Have A Confession…

You've been following me for a while, you know I love freedom – the freedom that we have in this country and the opportunity to create freedom in our own lives.

But the truth is, I didn't always have a freedom mindset.

I once believed that anyone who hadn't put in a solid 30 years into their career didn't deserve freedom.

I'm not proud of that…

In addition, while I was working hard in my dental practice, wearing multiple hats and always trying to improve my technical clinical skills, I was afraid….

I was scared. I admit it.

I never believed that I would have enough….

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How would I ever have enough?

I'm not talking enough for a lavish lifestyle of materialism and grandiose living –

I mean just the basics…enough to be secure – to be able to provide for my family. No matter what.

Dentistry gave me the means to provide…but I always felt like I was “behind the 8-ball” – every month I started over again and had to cover the massive overhead before I could breathe…

Some months, I didn't even cover the overhead – I had to dip into savings to cover payroll…. not a good feeling, paying to go to work.

What was wrong with this picture?

I had self-limiting beliefs and a pre-conceived notion of what my life was supposed to be about…built on propaganda delivered by well-meaning but badly misinformed people (parents, teachers, community leaders).

My way out?

Changing my thinking – realizing that my own belief system was holding me back – causing me to self-sabotage what I really wanted in life.

How? I changed my environment. I changed the people with whom I associated which in turn changed my thinking.

My fast track? A mastermind group. Like-minded thought leaders who had already gone down the road I sought – People who had persevered through the challenges and set-backs and broke through to real freedom.

If you feel the way I felt, tired of being tired, you’re not alone…not at all.

Question: does it hurt you enough to do something about it?

If you’re ready for Plan-B, if you’re committed and not just interested, I'm inviting you to submit a short application and have a real, solution-oriented conversation about your life, your dreams…and your fears. No whiners need apply…


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Win. Win. Win.

Is this your opportunity..? Won't know for sure until we talk.

No sales, no pitch… just you, me and Plan-B.

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To your freedom,


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