How to Double Your Net Worth

How to Double Your Net Worth

by Dr David Phelps

by Dr David Phelps


ecently, I’ve talked to a number of dentists, professional practice owners who were at the finish line – about to sell their practices, with buyers ready to go

 And then – bam! – the coronavirus hit them in the face and stopped everything.

Some doctors had just retired from solo practice with the money for a nice, leisurely retirement in the stock market or a 401(k). All of a sudden, the coronavirus brought their portfolios down by 20 – 30%.

I’m not your financial advisor, but I would seriously consider getting your cash out of the market. You don’t want to take another 10,000 point drop and then be left wondering what to do next.

So what do you do next?

Back in 2008, I put all of my Plan B assets into Real Estate. I wasn’t tied to only one source of income – trading time for dollars in my practice. When I needed to leave, I didn’t need to worry, because I had a Plan B – multiple streams of income and tangible assets.

That’s the way to do it. So why do most people not?

Number one, Wall Street and financial advisors don’t sell it. And it’s not a hobby you can do by yourself – it’s more of a business.

We’re in another recession (maybe depression ) now, and it takes about 18 months for the deflation and deleveraging to occur. In the coming months and probably over the next few years, Real Estate will go up for sale with deals like we haven’t seen in a decade, just as it did in the years following 2008.

You can catch that down wave and ride it back up. I was able to more than double my net worth coming out of 2008, and it’s going to happen again. It takes years to develop a network and the knowledge base to locate, negotiate, and manage those deals. I built Freedom Founders 10 years ago to create that network, that community.

This is your opportunity to make up for lost time, increase your net worth without taking undue risks, and put your cash into sustainable, predictable cash flowing assets that will rise with inflation when the economy comes back.

For more reading, check out the special report I just released on how to multiply your net worth (it’s free):

It’s a market cycle, and they’ll keep happening - but you only get so many chances in a lifetime to ride the cycle.. To your freedom!

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  1. Great advice for any professional. I have several clients who were hoping to sell their practices and retire but they failed to have multiple streams of income as sufficient cash on hand to take advantage of the tremendous buying opportunities about to take place. There is a rhythm to financial markets. Time to cycle up, buttercup!

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