Information vs Implementation

Information vs Implementation

I’ve got a little bit of a rant today, about information versus implementation

Picture of by Dr David Phelps

by Dr David Phelps


here’s a wealth of information out there today, literally at our fingertips on the internet. We can go to courses, seminars, workshops, and conferences – with great presentations, speakers, resources, bright shiny objects, whistles, and apps that are supposed to make our lives easier. 

 There’s nothing wrong with that stuff – but the problem is there’s just too much, and a lack of clarity and focus.

A lot of people who get on this roll of accessing information and trying new things feel like they’re doing something that will make a difference in their life. But I would argue that most of the time they’re taking in a lot of information and taking notes, feeling like “gosh, I’m much smarter now that I have this information” – but they’re not moving the needle

The key to it all is actually getting something done with the information. It’s not more information – it’s the execution of a plan with a focal point to take you where you want to go. All of the education and information you take in is worth very little if you’re spinning on a hamster wheel. (I know – I’ve been there).

The smartest thing I did was make changes in my life. I was making money and providing my family with an above-average lifestyle, but it wasn’t enough. I wanted more freedom, and the only way to experience that was getting in with a tribe – a community of people on a similar path. 

It’s hard when you’re not following the path of the majority. You think what they’re doing is safe, because it just feels right to be with a lot of other people.

You have to work to find those few people who are taking the alternative, less traveled path. Find great mentors, coaches, or mastermind groups with people who are actually living the life you want – not just talking about it.

In Freedom Founders, we take all of that information and education and distill it down to something you can actually implement. We don’t want to just hand out more stuff to feed you. We want you to take it, put it to good use, and create the transformation you’re looking for.

Don’t just take in more information. To get where you want to go, you have to put it to use with focus and clarity. To your freedom!

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