Maximizing Your Inflection Points

Are you maximizing your inflection points?

In fact – what is an inflection point?

At Freedom Founders we use something called the “Freedom Curve.”

It goes like this: the curve starts at the bottom of one’s career path – getting out of school and going to work in a business or practice.

The curve then begins to elevate, and up at the top is where one has maximized their freedom opportunities in life.

Going to work, having a business, and making money is never the end game!

Trading the money you make, and capital gain or equity you build up in a viable business, for the things you really want in life is the end game!

And there are inflection points along the freedom curve.  

At some point when the curve is going straight up, there’s a “pop” in the curve – some people call it the “hockey stick.”

The first place where that curve can “pop” is your practice.

Your practice is your primary asset, the engine that drives you toward ultimate freedom.

When you start out and you’re paying off debt and trying to get started, the curve is still relatively flat – but there are drivers that can help you hit the first inflection point relatively early in your practice.

In our Freedom Blueprint workshops, we help people figure out how to move to each inflection point – whichever one is next for you.

You need to be building wealth and capital gain – not just earning income.

Income is great, but you need wealth so you can trade it for investments that provide the passive cash flow that will start replacing your active income.

There’s a process to this, and the traditional financial model doesn’t even come close.

It actually ruins people because there’s no certainty of cash flow – only that endless up and down, and never a “pop.”

To learn how to hit that pop, you’ve got to learn how to make alternative investments, including investment in your practice (or even multiple practices).

The outdated deferred-benefit and 401(k) plans financial advisers put everyone in won’t get you there.

You don’t want to be in your 60s or 70s still doing the same thing you are now!

You want that freedom earlier because it’s your life, and you only get a chance to live it once.

If you wait for “someday” to finally enjoy it…that day will likely never come.

To your freedom!


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