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by Dr David Phelps


n Freedom Founders, we are strong advocates for our members to become their own best proponents for their financial future.

Most people abdicate to financial advisors, CPAs, money managers, 401k plans, etc.

because they think that's the only way to do it and are unaware of alternative investments. That's what Wall Street has inundated their minds with over the years in their marketing. “This is the best way to go. We'll take care of you. Trust us.” But when that route doesn’t go well, it's generally too late

Unfortunately, I talk to a lot of professional practice owners who are in their late fifties, sixties, and even late seventies that have fallen for this trap of “we'll take good care of you.” They never felt like they had the opportunity or the time to learn how to be their own best financial advisor.

That doesn't mean you don't need a CPA or someone to help you with life insurance, or with your estate planning. You need those people, but don't let any of them be the main driver. They haven’t created what you really want anyways (financial freedom) so use their expertise where it makes sense, but learn how to advocate for your own financial future.

We love alternative investments. 

Why? Because the alternative investment space is still a place where the small investor (the individual, me, you, the retail investor) can actually make a difference in their own financial future. 

We don't play the big market – Wall Street, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, annuities. All that they sell on that side, it’s all just “buying the market.” The money managers and the Wall Street firms use our money to take an arbitrage on it. 

Basically, they make money off of our money whether the market's up, down, or sideways. They don't care about how well our investments do. It doesn't matter to them, and there's no incentive for them to do well. They just want to keep our money in the market so that they can make the spread with no downside risk.

On the other side is investing in the inefficient market, in tangible alternative investments, my favorite being real estate. 

Real estate, which I’ve now done for over 40+ years, has taken me from a young doctor just coming out of school to building a platform that set me free only 15 years later (and now I help doctors do it in 3-5 years). It's not difficult to do.

It's not about hitting home runs. It's not about going to seminars where someone's pitching “get rich in real estate because the real estate market has gone up tremendously in the last two years”. (Yes, it has, as did the stock market.) 

It’s about – how do you maintain sustainability over decades of market cycles? 

Yes. Real estate also follows market cycles, not to the extent or the volatility that we've seen on wall street, but there's still cycles. It's easier to navigate those in an inefficient marketplace where we have opportunities. 

Now, you still have to take the opportunity. You still have to position yourself, not through your broker or financial advisor, who doesn't have better access than anyone else and although they do the best they can, are ultimately just middlemen who take a cut of your money – AND you've got to advocate for yourself. 

This means you've got to find the access, the portals, primarily the people, because you don't have time to go do this yourself. I know you're busy. Your time is more valuable in your business.

But if you want to get off the hamster wheel, you've got to learn to make your hard-earned money work for you. 

Typically, you may put your money in tax deferred plans, or try your hand at real estate, and it blows up on you because, look, you can’t know what you’re doing on your own. It's not your fault. 

But, why are you being so scarcity minded in thinking you need to do this all by yourself?

Dr. David Phelps discusses alternative investments at Freedom Founders.
Dr. David Phelps discusses alternative investments at a Freedom Founders meeting.

Find a group, a tribe, to help you in whatever you do. I’ll advocate for Freedom Founders. We're better than anybody else with our due diligence and our underwriting. But the main thing is we educate you to become your best financial advisor, the best advocate for your money. This means you are the one making decisions. Nobody else. 

We don't make decisions for you. We educate you. We curate investments for you, only bringing the best of the best. 

For example, we show you when to best move your money out of equities. Equities are great when the market's going up, but what about when the market's starting to correct as it's been doing since January of this year? 

What did your financial advisor tell you back in December or January? Did he, or she advise you to move your money to higher ground? Not the ones I've talked to. They just say, “Well just stay in there and ride it out. Ride that roller coaster. It's always good in the long run.” Is it? Is it really? 

What if you have the ability to step aside when the market is starting to move downward? 

You can have time to do it in alternative investments because the market doesn't just crater like it does in the stock market or Wall Street. You have time to move your money to higher ground. 

I don't have time today to go into what that looks like, but it's easy for us to do because we've got the access points to get out of the equities, put money on the sidelines (still getting double digit returns), and then be ready/poised to move back into equities once we've gone through the correction.

I made major moves in my own personal financial life coming out of the 2008 downturn, when I was finally in a position in my life to really take advantage of it. It's what we do in Freedom Founders.

We give you the education, and the ability to navigate the volatility. Then, when the time is right, you strike and you multiply your net worth. That turns into your cash flow – your Plan B Wealth Plan – when you need it, and want to step off the roller coaster and the hamster wheel

Isn't this what your life should be about? 

Why are you still doing it the old way? 

What is missing for you? Knowledge? Access? You've got fear? 

You don't trust yourself? You don't trust the markets?

Whatever it is, it's up to you to decide. You have the opportunity and the abilities to find a better way. Have you done the work? Have you done the research? Do you know where to go from here? 

If you're thinking about Freedom Founders, I advise you to take a closer look

We might be exactly what you need.

To your freedom!

– David

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