The Truth Will Set You Free

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by Dr David Phelps

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often see people wanting to gain confirmation of their own philosophy or perspective

 – on anything: relationships, health, business, finances, etc.

We all have a propensity toward confirmation bias once we develop a belief about something in life. And many times, what we’ve come to believe – is not the truth.

We have to constantly be checking our beliefs against what is reality. And the only way to do that is to be open to opposite views.

When people try to do this on social media, I’ll often see them make a statement about something they’ve done that worked for them or something they believe is a universal truth. Then they wait for the likes, and the more they get, the more they feel like “oh good, I’m doing the right thing.”

Instead, they should be looking for the ones who pushed back.

But I don’t think social media is the best forum to check your beliefs; there’s too much dishonesty online. It’s better to have some kind of a group, mastermind, community, tribe, or board of advisors – I like to call this your five, the inner circle of people you like and trust with no agenda. If you put your beliefs or philosophy out to a group for feedback, look for the people who don’t necessarily agree, but will have a real, honest discussion or debate about it. 

Listen to them and check your own beliefs. Make sure you’ve looked at every area and you’re not making the big mistake of believing something just because it’s what you’ve always believed. I see so many people going through life looking for confirmation bias in everything they believe or do. And the fact is, if they would have those beliefs checked by honest people without an agenda, they would find many holes in those places.

Being willing to admit you don’t know everything you thought you did, and realizing there’s a different way to do or look at something could be a game-changer.

Willingness to be vulnerable means you’ve got to be around a group of people you trust. Stay away from social media when you’re wanting real feedback – it’s a polluted place.

That’s why you need a tribe of people you can relate to that are on the same path. 

You can have your truths checked by real people, 

and that is what will essentially set you free.
To your freedom!

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