What’s Your Endgame?

What’s your Endgame – your finish line?

Most people unfortunately think of “retirement” as the endgame.

They work 30, 40, 45 years in a career or business, often into their 60s or 70s, and then are forced to retire for health reasons.

I think that’s a pretty sad way to live.

Life should be lived in phases.

There is the “sacrifice” phase in the beginning – getting started with life, family, and business, paying off debts, and getting stabilized.

That part doesn’t have to last too many years if you do it right.

The next part should be a bigger chunk of your life – building your business or progressing in your career.

I don’t like that so many people feel that they have to work their primary job into their 60s or 70s.

And why do they have to work?

Because they never had a good financial plan.

The traditional method of “retirement investing” on Wall Street has left many people in a place that’s not good.

They are unable to live the same lifestyle they had while working, so they either have to diminish their lifestyle in retirement or work longer.

That’s not the goal.

After the “sacrifice” phase, you should be able to enjoy a strong career and some freedom along the way.

Otherwise, you’ll never figure out what your true purpose in life is.

Most of us are probably only doing what we love – the part of our practice that we originally trained to do – about 20% of the time, and the other 80% is filled with stuff we really don’t enjoy.

That should be reversed.

If you’re really living your life, you should be able to spend 80% of your time doing things you love, and only 20% on things you don’t.

This doesn’t mean you have to leave your profession.

But you should learn how to delegate and outsource so you aren’t stressed out and working 70-hour weeks.

You’ve got to have an actual personal life.

And you’ve got to have a blueprint that helps you define your goals and how to figure out your endgame.

Your endgame shouldn’t be in your 80s or 90s when you really can’t work anymore.

Take “retirement” out of your vocabulary. Have you defined your endgame, and defined it beyond the end of your active income days?

If you haven’t…you need a plan.

To your freedom!


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