What's Your Next? Part 4

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by Dr David Phelps

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n my upcoming book, What’s Your Next?,

 I state the premise that we do it all wrong in this country.

It started in the Industrial Age with people working in factories, where they put in a day’s work, worked tirelessly for 30 or 40 years, and then got the gold watch and the pension plan – they called it “retirement.” It’s wrong, and totally outmoded today. 

Of course, doing high-level work is different from factory work. But even for entrepreneurs and professional practice owners, the construct is the same: Go to school and get a degree, go to work, do the same thing every day for 30-40 years, and hope to reach a false end game called retirement.

It’s absurd. Why does this happen?

Well, it’s the way our society is set up. The government just wants people to be workers and pay taxes. They don’t want entrepreneurs, even though small business capitalists really are the engine that runs the machine. Now, not everybody can be an entrepreneur, and we do need people willing to show up and do a day’s good work for a fair wage. But if you’re just grinding it out, trying to figure out when you’ve got enough to “retire”… you’ve got it all wrong.

What we do in Freedom Founders is show people how to take assets (like yourself and your business) and also create wealth outside of those assets – not in financial products such as the stock market, but in tangible assets like Real Estate. So you can do it in business or in Real Estate, or a combination. 

Once you have capital assets producing sustainable, predictable income (without depleting the principal), you have the peace of mind to do what you want. You don’t have to stop working. But the key is, you can work on your own terms – seeing the patients and doing the treatments you want to, choosing not to deal with insurance companies, and being free from the burden of endlessly trying to grow bigger and bigger.

When you’ve got the peace of mind that you have enough, the door opens for you to get out and explore. All these years of grinding it out with your head down, trying to get to some arbitrary end game – you can’t do that. It’s just work work work with your head down, doing what you feel you’re supposed to do, because you’re trying to provide for your family. 

I get that, and it comes from a great moral compass – but it’s depriving you of the life you could really live.

So what’s your next? You’ve got to know what that is, but you can’t get there until you’re on a track that’s going to give you a destination with certainty. That’s what we do in Freedom Founders. That’s what “What’s Your Next?” is all about. 

The book is available for pre-order now, and you can reserve your copy here.

To your freedom!

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