Crushing it in 2021?

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by Dr David Phelps

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s we’re going into 2021, I’m hearing a lot of people saying “I’m going to take no prisoners and crush it this year!”

 But before you decide you’re going to “crush it” – what are you going to crush?

I admit that when I was younger I had the same bent and focus – it was all about me. It was never about lifestyle and having a big yacht, but for me it was about accomplishing goals, and hitting the levels in life that I found satisfying. However, I realized that changing my focus to what I was going to crush in life was a big deal. 

I was a dentist and Real Estate entrepreneur, doing both in tandem from my early twenties. I did both pretty well, building my empire as the best dentist I could be on one end, and building Plan B wealth on the other.

What I didn’t do very well was my family. I always thought I needed to secure a moat around my fortress before I could take a breath, and really look at the moments that were the most important.

Age and maturity certainly are one part of growing up and changing direction. So wherever you are on your path today, take what you’ve learned from the past and go deep inside before you decide what you’re going to crush in 2021.

Get clarity and focus on what’s really important – and on the direction that will get you there. Don’t put them off for years, waiting on that mythical “someday” like I did. The sad truth is, the majority of people never get to that mythical day when everything’s just right, and you finally get to live your life the way you’ve always planned on living it.

Fortunately, I had my wake-up call some decades ago. My daughter’s health woke me up and changed my direction

There are certain things I do want to crush, but it’s not about me anymore. It’s about how I can help other people have more impact, and really cherish the relationships I’m blessed with..

I hope you find your direction and clarity. It’s always evolving – it’s never perfect and you’re never done, but just keep seeking what’s most important

That foundation is essential to getting your priorities straight - and then you absolutely should crush it in 2021...
To your freedom!

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