What’s Your Next? Part 1

What's Your Next? Part 1

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by Dr David Phelps

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oday I’m talking about a topic near and dear to my heart, one I passionately feel it’s imperative to get out to more people:

 Living an anti-traditional life.

Most of us, myself included, went to school and got the grades to get into a secure profession or business, provide freedom and security for our families, and retire 30 or 35 years later. We wanted to do great work, serve people well, and be justly rewarded for our efforts.

That’s the traditional model, and maybe it worked generations ago. But the tables have turned and it’s not the same as it was a few decades or even years ago. The world’s changing too fast to stay on the same course for 30+ years.

I’m not against specialized training, but focusing solely on that leaves one vulnerable to political or economical changes in the world – or in one’s personal life, such as your own or a child’s medical crisis or the breakup of a marriage or business partnership.

When I’m working with my Freedom Founders members, digging deep into their non-financial goals and desires, the big one I always see is four letters: T – I – M – E. Time is the one commodity we can’t buy more of or recover once it’s passed.

My whole plan for helping people live an anti-traditional life is not to take you away from the skills you’ve worked hard to acquire or that particular ability to serve others. I just want you to have the option to deviate a little, or to adopt other skills and interests along your path.

But you can’t suddenly transition from spending 30 years in one mode to a completely new lifestyle. There’s too big a gap there. So you’ve got to do these things simultaneously, not sequentially.

How do you do it? In upcoming blog posts I’ll be digging into the “What’s Your Next” conundrum and opportunity. From working with hundreds of other professionals and business owners, I’ve learned that your “Next” doesn’t need to start when you’re 65 or 70 years old. There are ways to create those alternative paths while you’re still young and developing your main path.

And on Tuesday evening, December 29th, I’ll be doing an online class regarding this topic. I encourage you to register for the webclass

I’d love to see you there.
To your freedom!

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